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The best butt plug online shop!

Lube Container, Key system, Surgical steel 3D printed, Anatomically shaped!

Sexy ass with butt plug FREUTOY
FREUTOY upskirt
Happy girls with anal butt plug FREUTOY

Say "Hello!" to the FREUTOY

... the best butt plug for lingerie lovers

What is the FREUTOY?

The FREUTOY is an erotic lifestyle product that at best has the 'work place' in common with a conventional butt plug!

In truth, our plug is not just a mundane sex toy, but also an attachment point for textiles on the human body!

It is unique in the world!

How it works?

Read on ...

Smiling girl with butt plug FREUTOY

The key system

The FREUTOY has an integrated maintenance-free fastening system for lingerie,swimwear or clubwear & outer clothing in the outer element.

With your FREUTOY as a new fixing point on the body, completely new and surprising cuts are possible in fashion.

This is how it looks ...

Butt plug FREUTOY with key system
Butt plug FREUTOY panty front
Butt plug FREUTOY panty backside without string

But I can't wear a butt plug for many hours! That's impossible, right?

But of course, it works very well!

Here's how we do it ...

The lube container

To wear the FREUTOY comfortably over an extended period of time it is self-lubricating. Just fill a suitable semifluid lubricant of your choice into the eye of the inner head before insertion.

A small amount of lube seeps regularly into the rectum through body heat and movement and ensures long-lasting comfort beause the toy does not stick.

Scroll further ...

Butt plug FREUTOY with lube container

The anatomical shape

The FREUTOY does not force the curved human rectum into an unnaturally upright position.

In this way, stretch receptors are not irritated unnecessarily and the corresponding message to the brain - with a request for emptying - does not appear.

Result: the FREUTOY is welcome to stay!

Almost there ...

Butt plug FREUTOY position in body

The reduced weight

The FREUTOY is light, amazingly light ... at least if you want it!

That the two sphincters do not rebel because they have to hold a heavy steel part for hours, we offer a HOLLOW version in the shop. The design as a hull reduces the weight to just over 60%!

For experienced connoisseurs there is the heavier MASSIVE version available, too.

One last time ...

3d printed butt plug FREUTOY

3D printed in surgical steel

The FREUTOY makes no compromise!

The manufacturing method of laser sintering is the only way to combine all the properties mentioned in this perfect product.

We have no place for mediocre products.

At the end it will get hot ...

One pic says more than 1000 words

A video even more so!

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