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Frequently asked questions about BUTT PLUGS (incl. answers!)

What is a butt plug?

A butt plug plug is an erotic article that the person (m/f/d) inserts rectally and leaves there for a certain time.

The FREUTOY is a premium plug that is optimized for a significantly prolonged use and thus differs significantly from the mass of other products on the world market.

As alternative terms anal plug and also anal toy are widespread in the language use.

Why use a butt plug?

The question is to be questioned so directly, because it could also be:

Why not a butt plug?

In healthy people, there is no reason that speaks against the use of sex toys. In fact, the region around the anus is crisscrossed by an incredibly dense network of nerves that, properly stimulated, can bring an enormous gain in pleasure in one's own sexuality! Not to lift this treasure is downright negligent!

What is the purpose of a butt plug?

A toy of this type has two main aspects: on the one hand, it serves as an auto-erotic helper in the context of self-love. In addition, it prepares the body for rectal penetration in the context of anal intercourse by dilating the anus.

In relation to the FREUTOY, the answer is simple: it serves your personal pleasure and also that of your respective partner.

So go ahead. Dare to try it!

Is using a butt plug gay?

No, wearing an anal toy has nothing to do with sexual orientation. It can be used by heterosexual, homosexual or otherwise sexual people who are interested in anal stimulation. It is important to note that sexuality and sexual practices are diverse and everyone has the freedom to make their own preferences and choices.

Why is stainless steel the perfect material for butt plugs?

Stainless steel is hygienic, robust and durable. It is easy to clean, making it a safe choice for use in the intimate area. The stainless steel (surgical steel/316L) used for FREUTOY is particularly hypoallergenic and can be worn for a long time without irritation. In addition, polished stainless steel has a particularly pleasant feel and weight, which contributes to good stimulation. In short, the sum of its properties makes it the most suitable material for a plug.

What helps when inserting a butt plug?

Clean the plug thoroughly before using it. Relax and mentally prepare yourself for the stimulation. Insert the anal toy slowly and carefully, using gentle pressure. Stop if you feel pain or discomfort. Increase the usage time slowly to avoid irritation or pain. Clean the anal plug thoroughly after use to ensure hygienic use in future applications.

Will I burn myself if I use a butt plug in the sauna?

You can wear the FREUTOY in the sauna if you have already inserted it into the body before entering and always leave it there during the sauna session. Only if the FREUTOY is outside the body, it can heat up in the hot air to such an extent that it can cause burns when touched again or inserted.

How do I clean the butt plug?

Rinse the plug thoroughly with warm water and use a mild cleaning agent without abrasives (e.g. soap for human use). Avoid unsuitable agents (glass cleaner, methylated spirits, petroleum ether), as these cause irritation to the skin and mucous membranes. Although the FREUTOY performs its service in the 'darkest' place of the body, where it can sometimes come into contact with unwanted residues, it does not automatically become kryptonite as a result.

Is vaginal intercourse possible with a butt plug inserted?

The FREUTOY is designed in such a way that its base, which is located outside the anus, has a clear distance to the moving penis of the partner. This excludes the possibility of chafing. In fact, the distance is so great that there is hardly any contact as described even when the key is engaged in the key system. These statements do not apply to products from other manufacturers. Sex with a good butt plug is no problem, but a great extension of lovemaking.

How does the printing of the FREUTOY work?

Selective laser melting (SLM) is an additive manufacturing technology that fuses stainless steel layer by layer to create a final component. A high-precision laser beam melts powdered stainless steel onto a build platform to form a desired shape. The build platform is minimally lowered for each new layer until the component is fully created. SLM makes it possible to create complex and sophisticated components that are impossible to produce using classic methods.

Can your butt plug fall out?

No. The problem known with conventional plugs does not exist with the FREUTOY. The reason lies mainly in the design of the inner body part of our plug, which can hold on to the edge of the inner sphincter similar to how a swimmer's hand holds on to the edge of the pool. And even if the toy would hypothetically lose its grip, it can't crash to the ground because it is saved from the final fall by the tethered textile like a bungee jumper on a rope. You can relay on our anal toy, cause our butt plug won't get lost.

Why is the base narrow shaped?

The base has an important task: it prevents the plug from entering the body and disappearing there. Most butt plugs have a disc-shaped end that prevents disappearance if the diameter is large enough. Unfortunately, a functionally good size displaces the buttocks very strongly and thus usually creates an uncomfortable wearing experience quite soon. A significantly smaller plate provides a remedy here, but cannot provide the necessary security. The narrow base creates the optimal combination of safety and perfect wearing comfort.

Can I sleep with a butt plug?

If the toy is comfortable to wear, then using it during sleep is not a problem.

Plugs with an awkward shape will eventually create a foreign body sensation and thus wake up its user during the night. So make sure your anal companion has a good anatomical shape.

Which lubricant is recommended for butt plugs?

Lubricants can be divided into two categories: Water-based and silicone-based products. For our FREUTOY, we recommend silicone-based products, as their lubricating performance usually lasts longer. Lubricating gels are particularly proven here, as they are more viscous and thus retain themselves much better in the lube container of our FREUTOY. This prolongs relubrication and thus the usage period.

Can a sphincter muscle wear out?

Actually, no. The sphincter muscles are a very stretchable closure system that works reliably for decades. As a rule, the previous day's culinary delights pass through the sphincter once a day, causing a certain amount of stretching. The amount of stretching can be easily observed in the restroom when you look at the result. If you do not significantly exceed these dimensions when choosing your plug, you save yourself from possible problems.

How do I prepare for a butt plug?

The most important preparation (especially for beginners) is to take time to relax. If you insert an anal plug hastily, you can expect a negative reaction from your body.

Although the rectum is a fairly clean place 99% of the time, knowing that it is actually clean can unleash an equally relaxing moment. To achieve this cleanliness, the use of an anal douche before inserting the anal plug is suitable.

Heat serves to relax the sphincter muscles. Therefore, warm your plug to just above body temperature directly before insertion.

What about nickel in the steel plug?

We use surgical stainless steel for our FREUTOY . Nickel is contained in the steel mentioned, but it is so strongly integrated that there is only extremely low leaching, which is usually well below the critical threshold even for allergy sufferers. Due to its very good properties, the same material is used as a prescribed standard in the chemical industry, food technology and sanitary facilities.

In individual cases, reactions cannot be completely ruled out; people are too different for that.

Can I swim with an butt plug?

It is no problem to swim with an inserted FREUTOY . Neither salt nor fresh water can harm the stainless steel and the secure hold in the anus reliably prevents it from getting lost.

A special feature of our plug is also the possibility of combination with our matching bikinis for women, or corresponding thong for men.

(In case you use a third party product we can not promise not to lose it.)

What is a good position for inserting an anal plug?

A good position for inserting a plug is any position in which the thighs can be pulled towards the upper body at an angle of about 90 degrees. This can be done, for example, in the supine position with the knees drawn up, or kneeling in 'doggy style'. Here there is also no distinction between the sexes.

By the way, a light squeeze (like during bowel evacuation) has an opening effect on the sphincters, which thus allow the plug easier access.

How do heterosexual couples benefit from using a plug?

The added volume in the rectum of the woman narrows the vagina. This presses the partner's penis more strongly against the front wall of the vagina, where the female G-spot is located. This is stimulated more intensively and fuels the arousal.

For the man, the new tightness around the penis does not miss its effect either.

The trick with the butt plug is often used by women who have already given birth to a child.

Is sharing an butt plug a concern?

During sex, there is already an extensive exchange of potentially infectious secretions. We are talking about saliva transfer during kissing, the vaginal secretion during licking, the ingestion of sperm during male orgasm or the finest bleeding on injured mucous membranes. All of this is easily tolerated by the healthy body. A shared sex toy does not bring any additional risks into the love game of a monogame couple.

If sexual partners change frequently, sharing the toy is associated with increased risk.

Can I do sports with butt plug?

Since the term 'sport' is very broad, this question must be considered individually. Surely it is clear to everyone that an anal toy is hardly questionable when playing chess, golf or doing yoga, while the racing cyclist or rider on his saddle certainly feels a plug much more intensely. Whether this is then perceived as unpleasant, that must probably decide each athlete individually and with a healthy measure of common sense.

Is using butt plugs dangerous?

If you search the net for horror scenarios about sex toys, then you find what you are looking for. Of course, an anal plug can lead to complications if used incorrectly and carelessly. But this also applies to microwaves in which wet cats have already been dried, or coffee mugs from the drive-in that were completely unexpectedly filled with hot liquid that you could scald yourself on.

However, if you read the operating instructions of a toy before using it, you will have a lot of fun instead of problems.

Can I fart with a butt plug?

With this question, many a cartoon will spring up in your head, showing a plug flying around the room like a ricochet, because it was shot out of your butt by an explosively and very noisily discharging flatulence. In reality, however, this will never happen.

Even if an anal toy closes the anus, flatulence will still find its way out. In this case, no noticeable noise is to be expected from the fart either.

What is Figging?

Figging is a sexual practice in which ginger roots are inserted into the anus or vagina to create a burning or tingling sensation. The essential oils in ginger irritate the mucous membranes and can lead to intense stimulation. Figging is a risky practice because ginger is very pungent and can cause injury or infection. It should only be done with the consent of all parties involved and with the use of adequate lubricant and experience.

Are there risks when switching from anal to vaginal?

Changing the penis or a sex toy from anal to vaginal can increase the risk of infections, as bacteria from the intestine can enter the vagina. This can lead to urinary tract infections, vaginitis, or other infections. To minimize these risks, condoms should be used in at least one of the penetrated orifices and removed when switching to the other hole.

Is giving head a suitable cleaning after a-level?

Basically, the idea is interesting, but definitely also a matter of taste. Unfortunately, we don't know of any study on this topic, which is why we can't give it a green light. However, we suspect that the germ load for the vagina after an extensive blowjob may be lower than when switching directly from anal intercourse to vaginal intercourse after unprotected penetration. The method thus remains controversial.

What is a creampie?

In the context of sexuality, the discharge or squirting of semen into the vagina, anus or mouth and the subsequent dripping or leaking of the semen is known as a creampie. This practice is one of the risky sex practices because STDs can be transmitted in the process. When ejaculating semen into the vagina, there is also a risk of unwanted pregnancy.

Creampie with butt plug?

A popular practice after bareback anal intercourse (with insemination) is to close the freshly filled butt with an airtight butt plug and thus prevent the sperm from leaking out of the anus. For the passive and the active participant this game, the knowledge of the whereabouts of the ejaculate can greatly inspire the imagination and massively fuel the mental head cinema.

Does anal sex hurt?

Everything you do wrong and carelessly can be unpleasant. We compare anal penetration to walking through a door. If you try to walk through a door without opening it first, you will get a bump. It's similar with anal sex: If you don't carefully relax the anus before penetration with a lot of time, empathy and lubricant as a key, then you also run into the closed door here. Only that then causes unnecessary pain.

Do women like anal sex?

In a study published in 2022, which surveyed 4270 women between the ages of 18-93, it was found that just under half of these women experience pleasure from anal stimulation. (Source: Link) Outstanding among the many numbers in the study is that over 90% of the participants classified themselves as heterosexual, clearly showing that anal sex is not a phenomenon of the LGBTQI community.

I am pregnant, can I use a butt plug?

Basically, it should be said that a butt plug is nothing dangerous , if it is used correctly. Thus, in most cases, there is probably nothing to be applied against the use of this happiness maker during pregnancy. But if you want to be on the safe side, just ask the doctor you trust! And do not be afraid: doctors also have sex and nothing is strange to you!

Is anal sex immoral?

Morals are rules of action and behavior that people impose on themselves to describe good/evil or right/wrong and thus promote the peaceful coexistence of people. So if 2 or more people agree that they want to practice anal sex, then anal intercourse is absolutely okay!

For the use of a butt plug you even have to agree only with yourself.

Use your power to decide!

What is the best butt plug?

Probably every manufacturer of such a sex toy will call his product the best and so do we! And we have really good reasons for that:

Which butt plug has a lubricant reservoir? The FREUTOY!

Which plug has a key system for textiles? The FREUTOY!

Which anal plug is anatomically shaped? The FREUTOY!

Which anal toy is available with selectable weight?

The FREUTOY! Which one is definitely the most innovative? The FREUTOY!

We call this a premium erotic toy.

Discover it here!

Is this the butt plug from Pornhub?

Yes, probably it is! :)

On the well-known video platforms for erotica like Pornhub, xhamster, MyDirtyHobby, OnlyFans or Fansly there are thousands of content creators who publish their clips there. Among them are also some partly very well-known names that use a FREUTOY for their productions:

Julia Graff, MrPussyLicking, Julie Jess, Ana Lingus, SecretCrush, Owiaks, Apamatska, Gaia On Top, Nadia Foxx, Danika Mori, CloseUpFantasy, Mia Bandini, and others.

Where can I buy a butt plug?

There are basically 2 ways to buy such a sex toy: there is the old skool sex toy store. In metropolitan areas, such erotic stores can definitely be found, but those who live in a more remote region often have a long way to go for happiness. Here the online purchase offers itself. There is no need to drive to the shop, to look for a parking space, to step over the threshold, which is often considered embarrassing, or to worry about being recognized by someone. In the web store, I can relax and inquire about the products and order my favorite conveniently.

I like anal. Am I a pervert?

No, it is normal and healthy to have sexual preferences. As long as all partners involved are consensual and voluntary, there are no "right" or "wrong" sexual practices. It is important to make safe and consensual choices and to be mindful of the needs and boundaries of all involved. If you do it right, anal sex is a great addition to your sex life, so don't be afraid.

What does BDSM mean?

The abbreviation BDSM actually stands for more than just 4 words from the erotic vocabulary: Bondage, Dominance & Discipline, Sadism & Masochism. Whoever lives out this type of play responsibly also establishes a safeword at the beginning, with which the submissive part (sub) can stop the dominant part (dom) in the game of submission, pain and power, if the limits of endurance are exceeded.

What is a kink?

A kink is a sexual preference or inclination that deviates from the norm and can be particularly arousing or satisfying for someone. Kinks can take many different forms, such as BDSM, fetishism, exhibitionism, voyeurism, and more. What is considered a kink for a person depends on individual experiences and perspectives. It is important to emphasize that consensual and safe sexual practices are essential in all cases.

Is Vaseline a good lubricant for anal?

No, Vaseline is not a suitable lubricant for butt sex. By the way, not for vaginal intercourse either! Although it has a smooth and slippery consistency, it was not designed to be used as a lubricant and can lead to undesirable results. It can damage the latex of condoms or sex toys and thus impair their protective effect. Of course, this does not matter with steel plugs. In addition, using petroleum jelly as a lubricant can lead to infection, irritation or other problems in the intimate area. It is important to use a lube specifically designed for sex.

Can I insert a butt plug into the vagina?

The use of a butt plug in and on the vagina is not recommended. Firstly, its shape is not optimized for the pussy, so that it does not find a hold in it, or can even get lost in it. Secondly, one is tempted to always give the anal toy to its actual destination, i.e. the butt, where it then naturally picks up bacteria, which in turn have no business in the vagina and can easily cause a very unpleasant infection there, which can sometimes only be caught again with antibiotics.

What is rimming?

Rimming is a sexual practice in which the anus is stimulated with the tongue and mouth. It is also referred to as "anilingus." It involves moving the tongue around or inserting it into the anus to create sexual stimulation. Rimming can be an arousing experience for some people, but requires adherence to hygiene measures, as the anus can harbor many bacteria. It is important that all parties involved communicate their boundaries and needs and that these are respected. If you are just getting started with this sex practice, you can use dental dams.

I want to wear my anal plug for a long time, is that possible?

Of course, it's possible to wear your sex toy plugged for a long time. However, when choosing the right plug, you have to pay attention to the right shape, because the human rectum is not straight. Unfortunately, only very few anal toys take this into account. The FREUTOY does. And the right lubricant in sufficient quantity is also crucial for extended pleasure, since lube loses its lubricating effect during use. A good butt plug is self-lubricating, just like the FREUTOY.

Roland M.-F., CEO

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