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Good reasons for the best butt plug FREUTOY!

Why spend money on a FREUTOY, when there are cheaper plugs around?

This is no everyday plug. It is by far the most innovative and hottest erotic lifestyle product available on the global market. You're opting for absolute cutting-edge technology and you're showing the finger to cheap toys that smell of plasticizers!

You have gotten annoyed about poor quality often enough in your life. And you know that if you buy cheap, you buy twice.

This time, put your money where your mouth is!

Do you miss effortlessness in your life?

Your daily life is determined by duties and the expectations of others. Kids need to go to their sports day and tomorrow you've also got parents' evening. Your garden is slowing getting overgrown and the lawn is creaming out to be mowed. Your mother-in-law, who knows better about everything, is complaining and the dog needs to go out again...

Now ask yourself, when was the last time you did something that brought you joy?

What happened to our passion from long ago?

No place was safe from your lust. The back seat of the car, the hotel pool, the balcony of the ship's cabin, the deserted bay with the sandy beach by the sea...do you remember?

But what have you done to reignite the flames?

The FREUTOY is like fuel for your fire! Barely anything triggers the imagination more than knowing what he or she is currently wearing underneath while you're strolling through the pedestrian zone, dancing in the nightclub or ambling along the harbor promenade. :)

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Or read on ...

The FREUTOY is like an anvil unbreakable!


Every morning, the hot latte-to-go from the bakery around the corner (cost: >$400/year)

Transferring the monthly fee for the gym you haven’t visited in ages. (Cost: >$500/year)

Paying the over-priced monthly cellphone tariff, where you could easily save so much money! (Cost: >$100/year)

Shall we continue? What’s been long overdue for you?

You buy a FREUTOY once and it's forever! No ongoing costs, no fees, no obligation. Only joy!

FREUTOY buyer think positive!

You decide what's important!

There are two types of people in life: those that let themselves be led and meticulously fulfill all the things that they have been assigned to do. We are all happy that these kind of people exist so that all the important processesare kept in check.

And then there are those who decide for themselves what they want to do and what they don't. This kind of person knows what they want and they grab it. Not purely out of selfishness but simplydriven by their positive thinking.

This is just the start.

Experiencing the lustful smile themselves when the FREUTOY finds a new use!


Knowing that it's the start of a promising evening. A mix of love, a sweet secret and sizzling eroticism, the spark doing somersaults every time you make eye contact.

You can experience this now!

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