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Micro-panty 'BITWEENI' (no VPL)

69.95 €
incl. VAT, plus delivery


Micro-panties 'BITWEENI'

• Super sexy micro-panties

• Prevents visible panty lines (VPL) 100%

• Perfect for tight-fitting clothing

• Works without straps or adhesive pads

• No untanned areas after sunbathing

• No possibility of losing

• Sustainable, not a one-way product

• Compatible with any FREUTOY version

• FREUTOY required

Features: Invisible under any tight-fitting clothing. Requires no straps or adhesive pads for secure wear. Provides absolute secure hold even while walking, dancing, etc.

Material: Flexible and adjustable stainless steel frame, covered with washable and interchangeable fabric covers made of Lycra (80% polyamide, 20% elastane).

Care instructions: Clean the frame without covering with soapy water, wash fabric cover in the laundry bag at 30 degrees delicate cycle, do not iron.

Scope of delivery: 1x stainless steel frame, 1x fabric cover in the desired color.

The 'BITWEENI' accessory, in combination with the FREUTOY anal plug, is the world's hottest panty for both land and beach. It covers the intimate area in an extremely erotic way, just enough to protect from curious glances, cameras, or the sun at the beach.

Its unique shape and size make it invisible under tight-fitting clothing with a color-matched fabric cover, as it avoids typical straps and seams that would otherwise show through outerwear. No adhesive pads are needed, preventing skin irritations or issues on injured skin (e.g., crusted cuts after intimate shaving).

It is the perfect alternative for those who want a protective panty without sacrificing a flawless silhouette. Remarkably, the 'BITWEENI' remains extremely sexy even after a romantic candlelight dinner, setting it apart from other products designed to avoid visible panty lines (VPL).

The 'BITWEENI' is compatible with various feminine hygiene products.

The textile cover is washable, replaceable, and obtainable.

Just as high heels are made for beauty, not mountain climbing, we recommend our product 'BITWEENI' for theater and opera visits, art exhibitions, receptions, photoshoots, and similar elegant events where perfect presentation is desired. It's also suitable for sunbathing at the beach or a sauna visit.

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