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Butt plug FREUTOY (w/o textile)

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First choose your FREUTOY....later the textiles you like!

This set is your first step in a completely new erotic experience!

It includes:

  • 1x FREUTOY with lubricant reservoir, hand polished stainless steel, key coupling, approx. 95 grams/3,4 oz with HOLLOW construction (size: S) OR about 150 grams/5,29 oz if you choose the MASSIVE version (size: S) or
    145 grams/5,11 oz with HOLLOW construction (size: L) OR about 280 grams/9,88 oz if you choose the MASSIVE version (size: L)
  • 1x key made of hand-polished spring steel for connecting the FREUTOY and fitting textiles.
  • 1x washable transport and storage bag

FREUTOY details:

The plug's characteristics means it is absolutely unique and make it an unprecedented means for fastening textiles to the body. This enables completely new and surprising cuts and styles in fashion for underwear & outer garments.

The FREUTOY is made of surgical stainless steel (also called V4A or 1.4404) by 3D-printing (laser sintering) in a process that takes almost 30 hours on state-of-the-art industrial laser printers and is subsequently hand polished.

The HOLLOW version results in an enormous weight reduction of almost 50 %, which greatly improves the long-term wearing comfort for beginner and persons with slight build figure.

The MASSIVE version addresses experienced users who enjoy the stronger presence of higher weight.

After printing, the complex shape must be painstakingly finished by hand. Here the FREUTOY passes through many pairs of hands of specialized metal craftspeople until it is finished.

The anatomical shape adapts perfectly to the contours of the human body. This prevents a sense of having a foreign body inside you when the item is worn for a long period of time.

The "eye" in the plug serves as an ingenious reservoir for lubricant. It is simply inserted into the chamber before being inserted into the rectum and – aided by the body's heat – slowly seeps into the relevant body cavity when worn. As a result, the FREUTOY remains well lubricated over a long period of time and is very comfortable to wear.

The absolutely maintenance-free key system integrated into the outer element of the FREUTOYs enables it to be repeatedly separated and connected to suitable textiles. On the one hand, the wearer can thus easily remove it before going to the toilet, or make her divinest orifice accessible to her partner at the end of a beautiful evening. She is certain to cause an astonished gleam in the eyes of her partner. Due to its design, the plug may remain in the body during vaginal intercourse, where its positioning in the immediate vicinity further intensifies the experience for both partners. Finally, the FREUTOY also gently prepares its wearer for further anal pleasure, before which the butt plug is of course removed.

The inner head measures about 30 mm/1,18 inch (size: S) or about 40 mm/1,58 inch (size: L). This small diameter ensures lasting wearing comfort and is easily mastered even by inexperience anal toy novices. More experienced users will feel the latent presence of the FREUTOY, while grinning to themselves and walking through the restaurant, a theater or the club, thinking "...if you knew ..." ;-)

The FREUTOY is compatible with all existing and future textile products of The FREUTOY Shop.

The key:

Made of stainless spring steel, the hand-polished key makes it possible to combine fitting fabrics with the FREUTOY. On the one hand, it securely connects the G-string to the butt plug due to its pre-tensioning, and yet its ingenious design allows it to be detached from the FREUTOY with the light pressure of two fingers.

The transport & storage bag:

The small pouch comes in handy, too, e.g. for the morning after a hot night, if you don't want to start the new day wearing the used FREUTOY again. Replaced by conventional underwear and stowed in this bag, the plug and worn textile can make their way home, hygienically tucked into your handbag, protected from prying eyes. In addition, the transport bag effectively protects the highly polished surface against scratches from key, etc. and can be washed after use.


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